5 Crackling Reasons To Get Your Concrete Pool Deck Resurfaced

5 Crackling Reasons To Get Your Concrete Pool Deck Resurfaced

Pool deck care is a requirement most overlooked when it comes to pool deck maintenance and resurfacing. A neglected pool deck is not just ugly; it also reduces the markup on your property on resale. Besides, it’s not too cold in Austin at this time of the year, so you can work with concrete to get your pool deck up to scratch.

Forgoing pool deck maintenance is exceptionally damaging to your pool’s structural integrity. Neglect will result in costlier repairs, so you shouldn’t wait until the pool deck starts disintegrating to realize the situation.

Here are some obvious signs you have been a forgetful homeowner with a pool that’s just begging for a revamp!

Reason #1: Flaking

Concrete pool decks are splashed over with water in peak swimming months. This leads to moisture-induced flaking & peeling on the top concrete layer. If the concrete is decorative, the resulting damage is even more evident.

The usual maintenance involves sanding & then resurfacing.

Reason #2: Stains

Concrete, being a porous material, tends to hold on to stains like an old grudge. Either get your pool deck surfaced in dark-colored concrete or be prepared to resurface your white pool deck every once in a while. Chlorine, dirt, chemicals, salts, and animal droppings are among the top pool deck staining culprits.

To avoid excessive stain removal, resurfacing, sand & seal your concrete surfaces.

Reason #3: Discoloration

Austin gets a lot of sunlight, so it’s no surprise when your pool deck looks sun-bleached. The chlorine in the water and poor deck paint application is also to blame for discoloration. Of course, it’s cooler now, so you can easily get your pool deck resurfaced without breaking a sweat.

You can use acid-based concrete resurfacing cleaners to restore your pool deck to its former glory.

Reason #4: Cracking

Cracks are terrible news for a concrete pool deck. They mean your pool is structurally compromised and might cave in. These cracks may also be extending down to the joints made in the foundation. In that case, you need a construction team over to remediate the damage (Thankfully, we are that team!).

Keep an eye out for any pool deck cracks because it might mean the foundation underneath is shifting.

Reason #5: Spalling

If you notice chunks dropping off the edge of the pool deck into the pool itself, that is again bad news and calls for a construction team to remodel the entire pool. Poorly cured concrete pool decks, combined with no sealing, and free-thaw cycles, can cause concrete to spall.

If your pool is spalling, the damage may have cut through your pool deck’s foundations. Only a construction team can help you now.

Schedule with Action Construction for Pool Deck Resurfacing

We deal in various concrete resurfacing solutions in Austin, so there is no need to neglect your pool deck’s upkeep. The weather is ideal for pool deck maintenance so notify us at the first sign of cracking, staining, or peeling, and we will handle the rest to your satisfaction.

If you require concrete work for projects other than your pool deck, you are welcome to divulge details. You can check out our robust asphalt & concrete paving solutions in Austin, TX, and be sure to collect our free quotations on services offered!