6 ‘Nevers’ When Caring For Your Exterior Decorative Concrete Surfaces

6 ‘Nevers’ When Caring For Your Exterior Decorative Concrete Surfaces

Concrete finishes, or decorative concrete, are concrete floor that is either stamped, stained, or given a designer finish to look more appealing. Interior concrete finishes are sealed to protect against staining and water intrusion; exterior concrete surfaces are also sealed to protect from the weathering elements, but they demand more preventive maintenance to sustain their visual appearance.

Exterior decorative concrete exhibits far more visual features than conventional concrete, hence, the need for preventative maintenance. Action Construction Asphalt & Concrete will spill the beans on decorative concrete care, and you can follow these tips for interior finished concrete surfaces in your Houston, TX home!

1. Never Place Rubberized Matts

Concrete is porous and expels vapors that react with the rubber to form dark deposits. That will cause sticky stains as the rubber starts to deteriorate in place.

2. Never Place Potted Plants

Big flower pots or small, use an intermediate layering when placing them on the decorative concrete. Doilies & plant stands are an exciting option because they allow ventilation between the floor and the flower pot. Failing to do so might stain your decorative concrete as the ceramic pots leave behind mineral deposits from drained-out fertilizer.

3. Never Use Harsh Cleaning Agents

Keep paint thinners and mineral spirits off the cleaning agent list as these will eat through the decorative concrete protective seals. Use warm water and EPA-approved mild detergent, then rinse off with a hose.

4. Never Water Excessively

Suppose your driveways, patio, sidewalks, or deck is made of decorative concrete, and you happen to have a sprinkler system. In that case, adjust your sprinkles to avoid overwatering the concrete, especially in winters.

5. Never Allow Stagnant Water

If your hardscape elements were designed with proper grading & drainage, then your decorative concrete should not be subject to pooling water. If that happens, your decorative concrete will break down with the temperature cycles and leave you with potholes.

6. Never Place Furniture without Leg-Caps

Decorative concrete is treated and sealed to show the design, decorative stains, and patterns in ambient and artificial light to their fullest potential. Scrapping furniture across the treated decorative concrete surface is bound to leave scratches and grooves over time. Use protective caps on your furniture legs and stubs to avoid scratching the surface.

Keep your decorative concrete surfaces free of mud, dirt, & debris. Use leaf blowers and brooms outside, while a vacuum works best indoors. It never snows in Houston, TX, otherwise, we would have said never to use deicers, but if it gets frosty in winters, you can sprinkle some neutral cat litter for driveway traction.

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