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Concrete Flatwork: Your Reinforcement Options

Concrete reinforcement is an excellent way to ensure the longevity and durability of your concrete flatwork. For certain applications, plain concrete is not sufficient. It is weak in tension, meaning that it can easily crack under stress. Therefore, reinforcing your concrete by availing of the services of an expert asphalt and concrete contractor like Action Construction Asphalt & Concrete is always recommended.

What is Concrete Flatwork?

Concrete is used for various purposes. It can be used for foundation, flooring, walls, and driveways. When concrete is poured for these purposes, it is called flatwork. The concrete is then leveled out and smoothed to create a level surface.

Reinforcing Your Concrete Pavement

While concrete is solid on its own, it can be reinforced with either rebar or mesh. Some people think that using one over the other will make all the difference in the final outcome. But is that really the case? The use of either option depends on the purpose of using the concrete.

Rebar or Mesh?

There are two main types of concrete reinforcement: rebar and mesh. Rebar is a steel bar placed in concrete to reinforce the structure. Mesh is a wire or metal screen placed over the surface of the concrete to reinforce the structure. Each type of reinforcement has its own merits and purpose.

Rebar is used for concrete footings, slabs, and driveways. On the other hand, the mesh is used for concrete walkways, patios, and stairs. As a general rule of thumb, rebar is placed in concrete to provide strength, while the mesh is set in concrete to provide stability.

Rebar can only be placed in concrete with at least a depth of 5 inches. However, the mesh can be placed in concrete with any depth. Rebar is usually used to reinforce flatwork projected to experience a high volume of traffic or heavy loads such as a commercial parking lot. Mesh is typically used to support concrete that will experience little to no traffic or load, such as a residential driveway.

Mesh is thinner than rebar and is less expensive. Rebar is stronger than mesh and will provide more support to concrete, but it is also more likely to be costly.

It is vital to remember that these methods of concrete reinforcement are preventive in nature. They are meant to reduce the chance of cracks and damage, thereby increasing the lifespan of the concrete.

When choosing which reinforcement to use for your concrete flatwork project, consider the depth of the concrete, the amount of traffic or load the concrete will experience and whether you want a more visible or hidden reinforcement.

Both mesh and rebar can be used to reinforce concrete, but one may be better suited for your project than the other. Consultation with a professional asphalt and concrete contractor is essential for appropriate advice. They will assess your project and recommend the best reinforcement option for your concrete flatwork.

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