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Formulating The Perfect Winter Asphalt Maintenance Plan This Fall!

Though winters are well received in Texas, they can raise concerns regarding the health of your asphalt pavement. If you have plans for winter events at your home or a commercial area, you need your curb appeal to encompass all street & residential elements, which also includes the pavement. Imagine the shame if your guests arrive & the premises look amazing, but your asphalt blatantly exhibits the years of freeze-thaw damage from poor asphalt winter maintenance

Action Construction can help you avoid embarrassment by preparing for the pavement’s survival ahead of the Houston winters. Here are some ways you can form your own asphalt’s winter protection strategy.

1. Repair Cracks ASAP!

When it comes to asphalt damage, that needs priority addressing under the supervision of skilled asphalt repair professionals in your area (we mean us!). Take time out in all seasons, especially summer, to make inspection trips over your residential & commercial asphalt pavement to schedule repairs as soon as possible. The more damage grows, the more expensive the repairs will be, and your client count will drop.

2. Follow Proper Crack Sealing Methods

Asphalt sealants are ineffective in the winter, so if you have cracks to mend in your pavement in Houston, you’d best begin now while it’s warm, before the temperatures plummet too low for the sealant to cure. Even now, with winters so near, you should take crack filling up as early as the day breaks so the filler has the day’s sun to cure out.

3. In Case of Snow, Use Eco-Friendly Deicers

Snow is rare in Houston, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared! If you have a lot of visitors expected this fall, and your establishment happens to be parking lot management, stock up on deicers salts & EPA-approved chemical agents for snow and ice removal. Keep a check on the salts you use since they may alter ground acidity through run-off. Though Houston is hardly known to get heavy snow, you can lease a snow shoveler to clear your lots. 

4. Keep Your Asphalt Pavement Clean

Winter debris may include snow and ice patches that can result in an ADA lawsuit if your asphalt isn’t kept clean. Whether it’s snow or summer, your asphalt surfaces must be free of oils, mud, and stones to present safe surfaces for traversing. The more muck your asphalt accumulates, the more likely it is to become a frosty trip hazard.

5. Schedule Your Asphalt Maintenance with Action Construction!

Let’s assume you’re still trying to put together a winter protection plan for your asphalt pavement. In that case, feel free to contact us for a free quotation on our services, and we’ll lead you through the rest of the asphalt repair of your residential and commercial property in Houston, TX.

Action Construction Asphalt & Concrete has been accumulating experience and successful projects over the last 20 years, so you can undoubtedly trust us when we say we will get your asphalt pavement through the winters without as much as lose chips! 

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