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The Joy Of Using Decorative & Stamped Asphalt For Hardscapes

Even though pavers & stones have a rustic & earthy charm to them, there is the question of a budget-friendly hardscaping upgrade that surfs most folk’s minds. When that is the case – upgrading or adding a patio, concrete deck surfacing, walkways, or enhancing driveways – we know a solution that will boost your curb appeal & not hit your finances too hard for years to come.

Action Construction Asphalt & Concrete, your reliable paving contractors, operating in San Antonio, TX, know a potential idea for enhancing curb appeal when they assess an estate in dire need of an upgrade. We go all out on asphalt creativity!

The Main Thing About Asphalt Is…

It is a flexible pavement, meaning it is not subject to stresses experienced by more right construction & hardscaping materials. All asphalt needs are proper preparation & adequate compaction; then, it’s all good to last for decades.

Maintenance is no major hassle with asphalt, provided it is regular & carried out in the right non-humid, oily surface conditions. And if you hear anyone saying concrete is better, that is okay too, but unlike concrete, asphalt tends to avoid harmful leaching runoff into the environment.

Decorative & Stamped Asphalt Ideas

Idea #1: Stamp

Stamped asphalt is ideal for mimicking blocks & pavers. You can leave your residential driveway in natural asphalt hues and add a pavers texture of your choice. Some of the designs we can suggest are:

  • Offset brick: An exquisite choice for driveways & entrance walkways.
  • Ashlar Slate: Ideal for an asphalt patio if you want to upgrade your hardscape.
  • Herringbone: It can be standard or diagonal, but the style will constantly add more depth to your asphalt paving project.
  • Tile: Actually, tile stamp suits asphalt well for contemporary or minimalist residential designs.
  • Cobble: Random, Frisco & stone combined with earthy staining of asphalt is a budget match of opulent proportions.
  • Fan: The euro fan & scallop are the more popular paver styles, but given the experts at Action Construction, it’s a piece of cake to install for both residential & commercial hardscapes.

Idea #2: Stain

Asphalt, on its own, is black or deep gray, and these hues tend to absorb heat, making for a hot evening as the heat is radiated back. One way to curb that is by adding pigment to the HMA and then begin paving. It’s no joke; stained asphalt has become famous for municipal color-code pavement in recent years. Adding earthy shades assists with controlling ambient urban temperatures and enhances the urban appeal.

There is no reason why you should not combine stained & stamped asphalt for your residential hardscapes.

Idea #3: Paint

Acrylic paints are the more adhesive variants of asphalt paints. If you want to forego staining your asphalt for reasons, you can always add paints to accentuate the edges of the stamped grooves further. It is a bit ambitious but handy if the hardscape in mind is a children’s playground.

You could use dyed acrylic paint as a proper driveway seal coat too. The possibilities are creatively limited but never without their merits!

Action Construction Asphalt & Concrete loves getting creative with asphalt; otherwise, it’s just resilient, flexible paving material that people assume is only for roads & highways. Let’s bring asphalt into our residential hardscaping projects. Besides, there is much environmental advantage of asphalt over concrete amongst the sustainable benefits.

Check our services, get in touch & contribute your envisioned designs, and we’ve got free estimates for you to avail! Until next time folks!