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Thinking Of Paving Asphalt Over Concrete Pavement? Hold On!

Throughout North America, asphalt has been the favored choice of material for new paving projects. Asphalt is a natural product is also one of the most versatile materials you will find in construction today. It is also straightforward to work with. That’s why asphalt is so popular. But there are occasions when asphalt should not be used, such as when paving over your concrete pavement.

There are many reasons you may want to pour asphalt over your concrete pavement. One is that asphalt is cheaper than pouring a new concrete slab, and another is that asphalt lasts. However, there are some risks involved with asphalt over concrete because it can crack underneath the asphalt. If this happens, then water and moisture can seep into the cracks under the asphalt, leading to more severe problems in the future, such as leaking pipes or structural issues.

Even though you can use concrete as the base, it’s recommended not to pour asphalt over concrete.

The Surface will be Uneven

Asphalt built on top of concrete is a poor choice for asphalt paving projects because the asphalt will be bumpy, uneven, creating problems with water seepage into cracks between asphalt and concrete, causing further damage to both layers. It also causes issues when pedestrians walk over this type of surface because asphalt poured over concrete will not be as smooth and can lead to tripping hazards.

The Surface will Crack

When asphalt is poured over concrete, it compromises the strength of the surface. The asphalt will not adhere to the concrete surface well, and it will likely crack after time. Once cracks form in the asphalt, water seeps through into any empty pockets between asphalt and concrete. This causes even more damage as rainwater erodes at both pavement layers until asphalt chunks are peeling away and require major repairs.

The Base will be Weak

Concrete has several advantages over other pavements, but it also comes with some disadvantages that need to be considered before choosing concrete as the base under asphalt. The main drawback when using concrete as the base layer is that it will have less load-bearing capacity.

If asphalt is poured over concrete, the asphalt will not settle into a strong base. This means that if there are any cracks in the asphalt or sections of asphalt where it has settled too low, these parts of the road may break off and create potholes.

You might have heard the old saying, “don’t fix what is not broken.” If you are considering paving asphalt over concrete pavement, we recommend taking a moment to think it over, and perhaps discuss it with some experts.

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