Winter Is Paving Off-Season, So Be Wary Of Asphalt Scammers!

Winter Is Paving Off-Season, So Be Wary Of Asphalt Scammers!

Sorry to break this to you; people do get ripped off on a matter as mundane as getting their asphalt pavement renewed, repaired, or freshly installed. There is no limit to what an asphalt paving scammer can think of to bait a client, bag the cash, and deliver a half done or shoddy job on a pavement.

Professional asphalt paving companies like Action Construction Asphalt & Concrete carry out thorough preparation, mixing & heating equipment, compaction, and curing times. There is due consideration of the weather, and as you must know, it’s the paving off-season, so that’s one red flag if a contractor turns up at your door in San Antonio, TX, with paving offers.

As far as asphalt paving scammer’s creativity is concerned, here are a few scams we know!

Gypsy Rig Paving Contractor

In this scam, a traveling paving contractor team with a makeshift paving rig goes about neighborhoods offering asphalt repairs at feasible costs but substandard work that mimics quality. They are called gypsies because they keep moving from locality to locality, targeting gullible people & senior citizens. They are not qualified or licensed for the job and may use several odd materials to pass for an “asphalt” look.

The “Leftover” Asphalt Scam

The scam begins with a charmer in workman overalls turning up at your door and offering to fix or overlay your damaged pavement, driveway, or parking lot. They claim they have some asphalt left over from a job in the neighborhood. They will offer a verbal quote and start the job over a handshake. Pretty soon, they will run out of asphalt and offer you to pay for some in advance so they can resume the work the next day. And then you will never see them again.  

Milk Seal Coat

While it sounds like that exotic “Real Milk Paints,” that is not the case here. Milk tends to give a sheen on surfaces, and scammers use this to their advantage by mixing milk with dyes and thickness. Their custom-built tanks with seal coat jets that barely do the job are used to dispense the milk coat. Upon drying, the fake coat looks good as new, while the scammers charge for the actual cost of a seal coat.

Engine Oil Surfacing

Scammers get even more creative with this variant of tar & chip paving. They collect used engine oil that is black enough to pass for bitumen, and then they mix in some aggregates and chips. The material is made to pass for freshly prepared asphalt and paved over the unsuspecting client’s area. It looks good as new but crumbles to the touch, and the culprits are gone by then.

If you are faced with such a paving contractor at your doorstep in San Antonio, TX, the best response is to apply the same strategy you would when looking for a legitimate contractor for your project. Remember and report their rig’s registration to the police as well.

Action Construction Asphalt & Concrete have your best paving interests at heart & we deliver fool-proof, resilient, & unbreakable asphalt surfaces in your San Antonio neighborhood. Check our services, request your free quotes, and book us for an authentic project!